miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2015

The nuclear-paranoia as the origin of sprawl

 In 1947 LIFE Magazine published an article touting a new urban design idea to save Americans from  a nuclear attack:

Atomurbia, the Nuke-Proof National Land Use Plan

 Along history, most of the utopian cities were designed to respond to the problems of its contemporary urban life like overcrowding, unhealthy living conditions, expensive imports of goods or lack of dreams. But during the Cold War, people had other threats in mind.

 The idea behind that plan was an America where people were spread out across the country instead of gathered in urban centres. It would redistribute the population, laying out new towns like a chessboard. 

 That's what we called sprawl.

Atomurbia, the Nuke-Proof National Land Use Plan

-via 10 Failed Utopian Cities That Influenced the Future

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