jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2015

By Design

And a designer thinks differently.
      They place themselves in the mind of the user of the product.
      That human being at the other end of the design process.
      They think about functionality, useability and user-friendliness. They work with concepts like the Four Types of Pleasure. Physio, Socio, Pyscho and Ideo-pleasure.

-Mikael Colville-Andersen (of Copenhagenize) at TEDx talk in Zurich 

 The Four Types of Pleasure is a framework to classify it, used in product and user-interface design:
  • Physical pleasure is derived from the sensory organs, examples might include the tactile feel of a phone handset or a new car smell.
  • Social pleasure comes from the social interaction that a product causes or stimulates, like chat around a water cooler or comments attracted by new jewellery or a new device.
  • Psychological pleasure is generated by cognitive and emotional reactions. An example might be software that enables the user to accomplish tasks more simply or more accurately than previously.
  • Ideological pleasure pertains to people's values. Products that are manufactured using environmentally-friendly processes would give pleasure to a user whose ideology placed a high value on ideological issues.

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